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I International Reiki Festival Program


9th Thursday, March 2017


06:00 pm Festival presentation at the Town Hall Auditorium

06 pm :00 non-stop. Individual treatments, Piazza Crispi

07:00pm Walk and Meditation through the streets of the old town, Calanconi

08.00 pm, Light Dinner ,Auditorium

09.00 pm, Open Reiki, Auditorium

10th Friday, March 2017


9:00 am to 06:30 pm, Reiki non-stop, Workers’ Association

09:00 am, The Pantalica ruins, guided tour. Departure Piazza Sant’Antonio.

12:00 am Circle of Light, Anaktoron Valley

01.00 am Lunch in a Farm

03.00 pm Meditation Corner of Silence

04.00 am Return to Ferla

06:30 pm Inauguration Garden Chakra Exhibition by the Artist Mario Compostella, Auditorium

10:00 pm, Community Dance Auditorium

11th Saturday, March 2017


9:00 am, to 8:00 pm., Reiki non-stop, Piazza Crispi

09:00 am, Yoga, Sun Salutation Auditorium

10:00 am, Discover Ferla, Guided tours of the village

01.00 am, Community Lunch in the Auditorium

06: 00 pm, Western medicine meets Eastern medicine, Conference in the Town Hall Auditorium

08:30 pm, Discover Ferla by night

08.30 pm Launch of Chinese lanterns, Piazza San Sebastiano

12th Sunday, March 2017


09:30 am to 11:00 am, Reiki non-stop, Piazza Crispi

09:00 am, Breakfast Al Borgo (Fresh Ricotta cheese home made) Piazza Sant’Antonio.

11.00 am, Circle of Light, Centro Olistico Comunale

12.00 am Opening of the Reiki Vivo International School at the Centro Olistico Comunale

01:00 am Buffet Lunch

03.00 am to 05.00 am, Reiki non-stop, Piazza Crispi

03:30 am, Soul Dance in the Centro Olistico Comunale

03:30 am, Discover Ferla, guided tours of the village, Piazza Sant’Antonio